Friday, April 17, 2009

Technological Help

While completing the group project, the use of technology helped us immensely in communicating with one another and completing assignments. For instance, the group page in Blackboard was extremely helpful because it served as a means for us to post our completed work and projects through the file exchange option. Also, we were able to communicate by sending one another emails through Blackboard. This method was easier since the names of all the group members were already posted to send a mass message, and we didn't have to send each email separately. Important information was relayed via this efficient method, and even Angie could be included in the email list. In addition, the majority of the business of the group was taken care of virtually in addition to our regular group meetings. We were able to keep each other updated as far as deadlines and in touch with other information trough technological features on Blackboard. The only times in which technology hindered our group as we completed the project were instances in which the Internet would not function properly. Overall, our group project was a great success, and the use of technology aided greatly in helping us to accomplish our tasks.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ethical Principles

The discussions which were held in class about the ethical lapses were very interesting and informative. I was so very surprised after hearing the story about the Nazi cars, because although I was aware of the demeaning and acts of injustice that took place during the Holocaust, I didn't realize that documents such as the one we read were released. I was disappointed to see the boldness of the memo, revealing the extreme cruelty that was being displayed towards the humans being carried as merchandise. The memo which we read critically revealed the reality of how people often act unethically without any recognition of their wrongdoings. In addition, the discussion about the Ford Pinto was eye-opening for me. It just shed a new light on the extent to which unethical situations occur in the United States. Particularly, I became more aware of the measures which companies will take to thrive in the business industry, even if greediness and unfairness to customers is necessary to do so.

I think that it is very important that one possess ethical principles of his/her own to guide them through difficult situations and help them to get through life as purposefully as possible. I realize that it is necessary to render to everyone the respect that they deserve. All people are born with certain rights that should never be stripped away from them. I also feel that one must have a set of standards for themselves which they never compromise. Those standards should never lead anyone to demean another human being or belittle themselves. In the workforce, I will strive to remain loyal to my ethical principles, aiming to be a trustworthy employee who is genuine and fair to others. Most of all, regardless of the situation or amount of money that is involved, I will always respect the ideals and opinions of others, while following my own ethical principles to live justly.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Communicating effectively in everyday life is very important, and in environments such as the work setting, it is even more essential. In a previous job where I worked as a waitress at a restaurant on campus, there tended to be times during which messages weren't transmitted properly from management to the employees. Miscommunication tends to initiate problems that could be easily avoided with the proper tact.

On one particular occasion, there was a miscommunication in which my co-workers and I were under the wrong impression about the task for the day. The message was misconstrued due to the means by which it was transmitted orally from management to each employee at a busy hour during the day. Although the effort to communicate was there, since the message wasn't transmitted properly, a huge misunderstanding occurred. Many employees found themselves working to complete the exact same tasks, which left many of the jobs undone.

This incidence of miscommunication could have been prevented through effective communication. The message could have been given to myself as well as the other employees at a more convenient time, so that it could be heard clearly and there would've been minimal uncertainty. Proper communication is essential in the work setting, and when communicating with others, one has to insure that they are heard and are relaying the message effectively.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Final Presentations and Portfolios

Another presentation which was a favorite of mine was Jeremy's about tattoos. I really enjoyed Jeremy's presentation because I felt that it was sincere as well as informative. Also, he incorporated many pictures which were interesting. Jeremy did a great job about warning the class about the permanence of tattoos and incorporating his own experiences and views made his presentation stand out from all of the others.

Related to the topic of online portfolios, I have really had little experience with them. The only online portfolio that comes to mind is the E-Portfolio that's required for students at Clemson University to complete prior to graduation. Although I haven't started on my E-Portfolio just yet, I've heard from others that have already worked with the online program that it's very frustrating. In order to insure that I'm prepared for the portfolio draft due on March 23rd, I intend to gain more experience and knowledge on online portfolios. In addition, I have to complete two more assignments which are required for the portfolio including the cover letter and follow-up letter. Once those tasks are completed, I'll be prepared to turn in a quality portfolio draft.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


During the past week, the class has been exposed to a variety of topics through the PowerPoint presentations. I've enjoyed listening to everyone speak about their topics, and I felt that they were all very interesting. However, there were three presentations that stood out in my opinion and were very enjoyable. I personally feel that Malesha's presentation about drive-through etiquette, Kelly's about tips for surviving in a large family, and Holmes' about why one should own an aquarium were the most enjoyable.

The three presentations mentioned above stood out the most for me because they all had one thing in common. Not only were each the topics interesting and unique, but most of all, they contained a sense of humor. The speakers were very effective in that they grabbed the attention of their audience, and they immediately took control of the topic at hand. In particular, Malesha was very passionate about how one should behave when entering a drive through, and she incorporated some of her personal experiences to make it more interesting. Kelly's presentation was great also in that her tips were very useful but humorous as well. I think that she allowed everyone in the class to see how things work in a large family, and she did so in an effective manner. Lastly, Holmes' speech about why one should own an aquarium was very funny as well. He incorporated points into his presentation that made it one of the best for me.

Overall, I feel that these presentations were the best because regardless of the topics, the speakers attacked them in manners which caused the audience to stay engaged. Not only was I engrossed throughout each one, but I also learned about the speakers and their interests. I really enjoyed all of the presentations, but these were the most memorable for me.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Cover Letter Response

Overall, I felt that this was a fairly reliable source, and the advice that was given about cover letters was rather informative. First of all, I totally agree with the point that was emphasized about the best use of a cover letter. I also believe that a cover letter should be utilized solely as a target to reach employers, and that there's no use for it if one is unsure about the goals or duties of the company in question. In addition, I agree that the cover letter should not be used as a sort of "crutch" and sent to as many companies as possible. As the tutorial pin-pointed, it should be utilized in an efficient manner in direct marketing instead. On the other hand, I don't agree with the pointer which stated that a P.S. should be used for emphasis. In my opinion, including a P.S. on a cover letter does not display professionalism. This is one example of how I believe the source failed to be reliable.

The section of the tutorial most helpful to me is the cover letter checklist. Although it has some flaws, it provides a sort of guideline for one to follow when writing a cover letter. It can prevent one from forgetting an important portion of the letter or from making it too lengthy. In addition, the sample cover letter is also very useful. It provides an example of an effective cover letter that can be viewed which will allow one to see how to write one successfully as well as what points to emphasize. When writing my cover letter for class, I definitely plan to use the cover letter checklist, so that I can use some of the good advice it provides but also learn from its mistakes. That way, I can insure that my cover letter is complete and well-written.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Client Project

I felt that the client visit was very informative and interesting overall. The discussion motivated me to think of various ways in which we could get involved and make a positive impact through the "Healthy Campus Initiative." Specifically, the discussion about the organic farm caught my attention the most. I think that the farm is a great resource that we can utilize to get this project up and running. One issue is that I had never heard about the farm until the client visit, so I think that promoting and spreading the word about the farm could be an excellent way to start. In addition, the organic farm could sell so many of its products on campus a couple of days a week. That way, more students would be aware of it, and they would be able to purchase healthy foods while on campus.

The way in which the project is headed is still a little bleak to me, and I am still unsure about how we are going to make this collaboration between all the groups work collectively. However, I am confident that the project is manageable and that if each group works effectively, we can make it work. Overall, I am excited about the project, and I look forward to working with my group in order to make a difference through "Healthy Campus Initiative."